A free On-Line course is available for enrolment at any time for Workplace Learning Advocates (WLAs) or anyone interested in becoming a WLA.  To access the course you need to register as a WLA, to register click here. We also offer a free 2 day Information and Advice course (subject to funding availability).  

 The course will help you understand:-

  • what the role of a WLA involves

  • the barriers people face when it comes to learning, and how to support them to overcome these

  • how to listen and ask the right questions

  • how to conduct an information and advice interview

  • goal setting and action planning

  • signposting and referring on to other people or organisations

  • the range of advice, learning opportunities and campaigns that are available in your area

The course is accredited by Open Awards and is offered at Level 2. 

To enquire about a course in your region contact: tel. 0208 343 1334